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Common Weight Loss Mistakes


Do you think that you can’t lose weight? Does it make you feel all your weight loss programs backfire? Think again, do you want to really lose those extra kilos, know the common weight loss mistakes that are preventing you from getting the desired results.

Lack of Time

One of the universal excuses most people opine for not doing exercise is lack of time. Most men and women cited they didn’t get time from their daily schedule to do exercise. The real truth is if you want to lose weight, you can find a way to exercise. If nothing works, chart out a schedule and put all your other work in the back to make your health a top priority.

Setting up Unrealistic Goals

When a person starts dieting, he/she is full of enthusiasm. It is this stage where most of them set impractical goals for weight loss. However such unreasonable expectations can lead to nowhere. Improper diet and lack of exercise can result in weight gain and even ill-health. So, take time in assessing your health metabolism and set goals accordingly. Setting small achievable steps will give you lasting results.

Stop following Wrong Diet

If you are trying to follow a weight loss diet that has worked for your friend, you are walking on the wrong path. A diet might be perfect for a person not for someone else. A diet is prepared taking care of the needs, lifestyle, health and preferences of the person.

When you prepare a diet for yourself, consider your medical background, food preferences and lifestyle. The best way is to take advice from a dietician.

Count your Calories

Do you keep a watch on what you eat? The number of toasts you had for breakfast or the number of snacks counted? Instead of doing guesswork of what you eat throughout the day, you can use a food tracker to count the calories consumed for the day.

Irregular intake of Health Supplements

Many people take health supplements for a few days to reduce weight. But, most of them tend to forget the fact the irregular use of supplements cannot help them to lose weight. In order to lose weight, one needs to form a habit of regularly taking cinnamon supplements or any other, you choose to take?   A change in sedentary lifestyle is also necessary for weight loss.

Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

If your office job involves spending the entire day sitting in front of the computer desk, it can lead to 15-20% of calorie burn. A sedentary lifestyle will not help you to lose weight. Instead, make a point to take breaks between work and run up and down the stairs of the office building. Same goes for watching television at home, taking up an activity like dusting the furniture instead of sitting.

Don’t reward yourself by Eating More

It is quite natural for the increase of appetite when you do regular exercise. A common weight loss mistake is to indulge in snacks or other food as a reward for doing exercise. Most people tend to think that exercise will compensate for the food. Wrong, these extra treats will cause more weight gain.

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