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Coronavirus lockdown: Here are 5 essential things you must prepare as you stay at home


Coronavirus lockdown: Here are 5 essential things you must prepare as you stay at home

In order to decrease the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading, governments across the globe are settling for a full lockdown termed “coronavirus lockdown” which would not only affect businesses but life as well. However, this cannot be stopped from happening. Not until effective vaccines are developed and made available in large scale. Even with that, it would take a while to distribute to the world.

Coronavirus is fast becoming the greatest disease outbreak of all time. It is easily contracted and goes unnoticed until about 14 days when things would have started getting serious. Of course, unless you are tested.

You have been told that a curfew will be effect in your city for some weeks. That could have come suddenly. Then you need to get ready for this break that can go longer than you had anticipated. We shall help you in how to get prepared.


Buy sanitizers, disinfectants and soaps

It has been established that the most effective way to prevent yourself from contracting coronavirus is by ensuring that your hand is clean and free of germs at all times. In order to be in this position, there are certain materials that you need.

Buy sanitizers, disinfectants and soaps more than anything else. While you can be washing your hands regularly with old bar soap, sanitizers are also important to ensure that the hand is safe to touch all things. Disinfectants help in eliminating this virus from surfaces and hence leave you free of it.

These materials will keep you and your family safe while you are at home.

You need medicines too

While sanitizers, disinfectants and soaps will prevent you from contracting COVID-19, it is medicine that helps in treating them. Hence, it is as much essential to get them.

Pain relievers, decongestants and fever medications are some of the important medicines to have while the lockdown coronavirus continues. You do not want to wait until the last minute to get the necessary prescriptions at home.

Medical experts have laid down the expectations of you to have medications for severe diseases that can last between 2 and 3 months. You do not want to be stranded when you start developing symptoms for other chronic disease while running away from coronavirus.

Coronavirus lockdown: Here are 5 essential things you must prepare as you stay at home
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Stock up foods and supplies

You do not need to be reminded how much you need to stock up foods before the coronavirus lockdown begins in your city. It is not only the foods, other supplies such as masks can become very scarce In the coming weeks.

Regardless of what we hear and see in the news, it does not look like this virus is packing out any very soon. Hence, things will start getting expensive as scarcity shows its powers. Do not make saving your available money when the man’s survival is at the brink of extinction. Pile up those supplies that matter the most in the mean time.

Don’t just go away, call the school and/or work

As most works and schools are joining the coronavirus lockdown, there are some communities where COVID-19 is very serious, more than we see in others. While the lockdown is going on, be sure to check in with your school (if you are a student or perhaps your children schools) or your working place.

Being in a lockdown does not mean you have to distance yourself from the things that get you fed.

Stay updated with local news

Both the television and radio stations in your city or country should be updating the residents of the developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak. You have to stay up to date by paying attention to these channels.

While you are at home, practice simple hygiene and preach that practice to your friends and family around you and those that are staying far away.

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