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Coronavirus Myth: Here are the 5 coronavirus myths that you need to be careful of


Here are the 5 coronavirus myths that you need to be careful of

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 has become a global outbreak with tens of thousands of deaths already recorded. The virus is currently affecting hundreds of thousands of people in all sexes and races.

According to multiple reports, this virus has left various commodities and stock markets in the downtrend, surpassing the famous Spanish flu of 1920.

5 quick takeaways on COVID-19

  • COVID-19 is very similar to flu as both cause respiratory complications, it, however, spreads quicker and hence deadlier.
  • Most common symptoms of COVID-19 include fatigue, dry cough, fever and sneezing
  • It can cause death to both the old and young people although children below the age of 10 are said to be safe
  • Healthy hygiene that includes regular hand washing, the use of hand sanitizers, using disinfectants in the household and keeping distance from people are the best ways to stay safe from COVID-19


As coronavirus continues to make name for itself and set global death records, a lot of things have been circulating on the internet especially the social media. Are all these information that we come by on Twitter true about COVID-19? We shall take a look at some coronavirus myths (also COVID-19 myths) circulating online and the truth about them.

COVID 19 myth 1: Coronavirus was created by some people

Many are yet to understand that coronaviruses have been in existence and causing deaths for years. While the exact virus that causes COVID-19 has just been discovered, coronaviruses including the MERS and SARS are nothing new.

In all honesty, we are just one of billions of biological beings living in the biological world. Those that we have discovered so far are nothing compared to the ones hiding from our knowledge.

Thousands of viruses live in bats, same as we have in other living organisms including human. While many are being created through genetic researches in the laboratories, something as deadly as COVID-19 is not among them. The world is living in fear and panic already, bringing up conspiracy theories that do not exist does not in any way help.

COVID 19 myth 2: Some information is being concealed by government and scientists

Many health organizations including the CDC and WHO are being called out for withholding information regarding COVID-19. That is not all; some governments are being attacked as well.

Trump calls coronavirus pandemic a Chinese virus. The Chinese government says US had a prior knowledge of the virus before it hit China and then spread to other nations. The thing is there is a lot of finger pointing at the moment.

Many people believe that the government and health organizations are depriving people of knowing the full knowledge of how deadly COVID-19 is. While there are reasons for government to cover up some stories so as to contain panic as much as possible, they are doing all they can to ensure that the spread is contained.

Coronavirus myth 3: Coronavirus pandemic is nothing different from “ordinary” flu

We are aware of the threat possessed by the flu. This disease claims thousands of lives yearly. However, there are vaccines and that makes the disease containable. Thinking that coronavirus pandemic is just another flu is funny to make it funny.

Coronavirus Myth: Here are the 5 coronavirus myths that you need to be careful of
Wikimedia Common image – CCO 3.0 (public domain)

Talking of what they have in common, both the flu and COVID-19 attack the respiratory system. No doubt the common symptoms of COVID-19 can be attributed to other viruses and illnesses, those dry cough do not come that frequently in other ailments. While the reported cases versus death ratio of flu is 0.1%, COVID-19 results in around 4% death. COVID-19 is way a superior officer in the ranking. Thinking otherwise becomes what we have termed “coronavirus myth”

COVID 19 myth 4: COVID-19 is only detrimental to the old

If you have had that thought about a month ago, you’d be forgiven. Opposite is the case if right now you think COVID-19 only attacks the old.

There is no doubt, the old and those managing immunosuppression have the greater form of risk, and younger people are not entirely safe. Regardless of your age, you do not want to joke with this virus.

COVID 19 myth 5: We can’t do anything until the vaccine gets here

Realistically there won’t be an efficient vaccine until about a year. You have to be prepared for that. But do not think there are things we can do before then.

What we can do for now is to stock up medications that can treat the symptoms of this virus, such as fever and dry cough. Follow the health precautions and protocols. Stay safe at home. When you feel like you are having this virus, connect with your doctor. Get tested. Do things in the right manner. And together, we can get this illness contained.

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