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Coronavirus overview – What to know about this deadly disease


Coronavirus is the hit among the variety of deadly diseases making wave across the globe presently. If you are unaware of the presence and situation of this hit-making disease, there are definitely a lot that you do not know, Don’t fight it.


What exactly is Coronavirus all about?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 as the new name goes actually has to do with a single health complication among its peers known as CoV or Coronaviruses. It starts with an illness that normally, does not get serious attention (common cold) and then graduates to a more severe one that can eventually drive the patient to death. The severe forms of CoV are the MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory System) and SARS-CoV (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Discovered in the year 2019, COVID-19 is easily transmitted among people and even animals alike. From verifiable studies, the MERS-CoV originated from camels – the dromedary ones with the SARS-CoV came from civet cats. These aren’t the first diseases to have transmitted from animals, there aren’t as many that is as deadly and easily transmitted as Coronavirus.


Are there visible signs (symptoms) for Coronavirus?

Oh yes! Not one, there a handful of symptoms for Coronavirus. The problem is many of these symptoms are attributed to other health complications. Among them are breath shortness and breathing intricacies. Before COVID-19, these were known to be symptoms of heart related diseases. Nowadays you might be wrong. Thankfully, there are other signs that altogether, solidify that fact that a patient is suffering from Coronavirus and not a familiar heart complication.

The common symptoms are cough and fever alongside the previously mentioned signs. When the illness has gotten to an A-grade level, you get to experience severe acute respiratory syndrome as well as an uninvited failure of the kidney. Needless to spell it out – that can result in death.

NB: The symptoms listed above may emerge between 2 to 14 days of exposure.

Coronavirus overview - What to know about this deadly disease
Wikimedia Common image – CCO 3.0 (public domain)

Common prevention tips for Coronavirus

Researchers have laid down some easy-to-abide-with practices that can protect you from contacting Coronavirus. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Wash your hand and keep them clean regularly
  • Cover both the nose and mouth when sneezing, coughing and beyond
  • Ensure that meats and eggs are thoroughly cooked
  • Avoid having close contact with people showing the symptoms mentioned above
  • Clean surfaces and disinfect them before touching.


Let’s say you are sick; what do you do?

That you are sick does not mean that you have contact coronavirus. However, since it is the disease making waves nowadays, you cannot be too careful. The world is fighting to contain this deadly virus, it your responsibility to help.

If you fall sick, you are obliged to do the followings.

Stay at home: You want to try as much as you can to stop yourself from transmitting coronavirus to others. One of the most effective ways to do this is by staying at home.

Contact your doctor: Feeling unwell? You do not want to keep it to yourself and engage in self medication. Trust me, not now especially. You want to get the best medical attention available.

Stay away from others, avoid public gatherings

Self-isolation is very common nowadays. It is the easiest way to assist the world in suffocating this deadly disease before it eats us all alive. Limit your contact with people and get as far away as you can.


Bottom line

Coronavirus is seen at almost all corners of the globe today. It is threatening lives and economy with stocks and commodities depreciating over the last few months. However, there seem to be effective vaccines already. Click here to read about them.

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