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Coronavirus vaccines and treatments are almost here


Coronavirus vaccines and treatments are almost here


While the deadly disease, coronavirus also named COVID-19 was transmitted to man from animals in 2019, the first quartile of 2020 has seen a massive spread of this virus with thousands of deaths recorded across the globe.

This wildfire spread of coronavirus has resulted in World Health Organization and other health agencies deploying all the needed tools to doctors, nurses and biological researchers alike. The world is working together to develop effective vaccines and treatments for coronavirus and there have been some amazing developments lately. It is a matter of time before coronavirus is eliminated. However, we hope things do not get out of hand before that happens.


The recorded coronavirus vaccines and treatments being developed

In this article, we shall look at some known vaccines and treatments being undergoing trials in labs across the globe. We shall look at the leading six treatments and vaccines for being developed to counter this virus.


Ascletis Pharma

The Chinese pharmaceutical company is in the wake of creating an effective coronavirus vaccine called hepatitis C. The antivirus drug was put on trial in February 2020 on eleven coronavirus patients. Unbelievably, all the eleven were said to have recovered from the disease within a few days.

Gilead remdesivir

Also from a Chinese pharmaceutical company, the Gilead remdesivir drug was first created for Ebola. The drug failed to cure the targeted virus but has however being used to treat coronavirus patients in China. Over 1,000 patients were said to have been recruited with the fever and other symptoms of coronavirus being eliminated within two weeks.

Coronavirus vaccines and treatments are almost here
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Eli Lilly and AbCellera

Eli Lilly pharmaceutical has collaborated with AbCellera, a Canada-based company to develop antibodies treatments for coronavirus. The antibodies treatments are still on trial and will not be tested on human until July this year.

CanSino Biologics

The Tianjin-headquartered pharmaceutical is on the course of testing its newly developed drug, a vaccine for coronavirus infections. The vaccine seems to be complex but the approach creates antibodies that can expose harmless and harmful viruses. In the end, the coronavirus genetic code is killed by the vaccine, hence bringing the patient back to life. However, this vaccine is still on stage one and requires to be tested continuously until the targeted result is met.


CureVac is still in preclinical stage but seems to be among the leading vaccines for coronavirus already. The drug stimulates protein production using artificial mRNA. The full testing is anticipated to begin in April with animals set to be used for the trials at first.

Johnson and Johnson

J&J is a well known pharmaceutical company with record-breaking vaccines that were effective in treating the past outbreaks. Following their achievements in creating efficient vaccines for Ebola and Zika viruses, J&J is already developing a coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine triggers immune response as coronavirus aims to break down the antibodies, thereby making the virus powerless. It is preclinical stage and is expected to be tested on human by the end of 2020.


Bottom line

Coronavirus has risen from being a regional crisis to global problem. The streets are being left empty, people going for self isolation, cities are being closed and the global economy is collapsing. Of course, coronavirus has become a global threat. However, scientists are working day and night to contain this virus. With the development of coronavirus vaccines and treatments, we might see an end to this crisis sooner than later.

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