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Coronavirus watch: COVID-19 live updates


Coronavirus watch: COVID-19 live updates

A quick take away on COVID-19

  • COVID-19 is a newly discovered coronavirus disease that originated from China and then spread to the entire world.
  • Coronavirus disease is caused by SARS-CoV-2, a newly discovered one from the multiple kinds of this deadly virus
  • Coronavirus has continued to spread 3 months since it was first discovered
  • Common symptoms of COVID-19 are dry cough, fever/common cold, sneezing and early fatigue


Updated COVID-19 recorded cases across the globe

  • There have been over 567,000 recorded cases of coronavirus pandemic in 172countries across the globe
  • The reported deaths have exceeded 26,000
  • Over 22,000 coronavirus patients are in critical situation in hospitals
  • Over 130,000 people have recovered from this deadly disease
  • USA has the most cases of over 94,000 with just over 2,400 people recovered and over 1,380 deaths already
  • China has 81,340 as at the press time and the most recovered cases of over 74,500
  • Italy has the highest death cases of over 8,300 from the total infected people of 81,000+ as at the press time
  • Spain is the fourth country with COVID-19 cases of over 65,000, and over 5,000 infected people have died.

Source: Kryptozene

2020 Tokyo Olympics has been officially postponed

The 2020 summer Olympic games situated to take place in Tokyo, Japan has been officially postponed till further notice.

The Olympic Committee President alongside the Prime Minister of Japan announced on Tuesday, 24th March that the Olympic game will be delayed with no new date concluded yet. The officials are said to expect the game to not come up until 2021.


First COVID-19 vaccine trials to begin in Seattle

There have been reports of the invention of COVID-19 vaccine in the United States on social media lately. This turns out to be true as the treatment drug developed in the US is set to be put in trials in the city of New York.

The vaccine is said to be made from the mixture of hydroxychloroquine and antibiotic azithromycin

A therapy known as plasma-therapy has been announced to be a potential treatment for COVID-19 by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration. This treatment will be used on critically ill coronavirus patients in New York.


Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19

Prince Charles is a 71 year old man, the heir to the British throne. He has been tested for coronavirus and the result came out to be positive.

While the man is still healthy and has not shown any symptoms yet, he has been advised to be working from home. His wife, Camilla, however, tested negative.


WHO puts potential COVID-19 drugs on megatrial

The World Health Organization has resulted in putting the drugs that have newly been found to be able to treat coronavirus in megatrial. These drugs include

  • Chloroquine and hydroxochloroquine
  • Lopinar and ritonavir
  • Lopinar and ritonavir in addition with interferon-beta
  • Remdesivir


Medical workers running out of protective gear

The continued widespread of coronavirus has resulted in many health centers running out of protective kits such as the mask in the United States. According to reports, these kits are being rationed among various medical workers.

Many of these health centers have reached out to big organizations and while they wait on positive turn up, they are ordered to with the available protective equipments.


Multiple states and cities on lockdown

This week has seen lockdown order from the government of various states across the globe. Residents of major cities have been ordered to stay at home while markets have been closed.

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