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What to do when you think you have contacted coronavirus


As coronavirus continues to raze the world, the number of test kits available at health centers is becoming ineffective. Not many people can get test as efficiently and quickly as needed. In the end, many of us let go and seem to believe that we are alright.

One of the reasons why coronavirus cannot be joked with is that it is hard to detect. It is not something you can see just be looking at the carrier. Hence, taking it lightly is not only irrational but deadly.

Test kits are only being used to test people that are already showing symptoms of coronavirus or very sick. However, as this disease continues to spread, more test kits will be made available at hospitals and other health centers.

Due to the outbreak, many people begin to think they have contacted coronavirus whenever they feel unwell. You cannot blame them. Nonetheless, despite the unavailability of enough test kits, there are some things you can do. We shall look at them in this article.


What to do when you think you have contacted coronavirus

Check how sick you are

Many of coronavirus symptoms are attributed to other diseases. For this, you can get confused trying to figure out if what you are feeling is from the effects of the virus. The first thing you want to be sure of is how exactly you are feeling; how sick you are.

Sit down and think of the people you have made contact with recently. Have you or any of the people you have recently moved close to just come from abroad? Has anyone come from one of the countries known to be battling with coronavirus outbreak and met with you? All these are important questions that you must provide answers for.

Your current state of health is also important. If you have heart, lung or kidney-related diseases, it is not uncommon to feel severely unwell. Hence, Feeling ill does not necessary mean that you have COVID-19.

Call a doctor

Your doctor should be the first person that you call after gauging the level of your sickness. Let him know of the symptoms you are having and why you think you have virus.

What to do when you think you have contacted coronavirus
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Even hospitals are taking extra tech-related methods to get the first grasp of your symptoms due to the increasing number of cases. And again you can never be too careful. Hence, connecting with your doctor will help skip some unnecessary stages and get you the needed medical advice.

What is more, your doctor can link you with the nearest medical center with test kits that you can use. More so, you get to access emergency service if your health requires it faster with the help of your doctor.

Now get tested

Getting tested should be easy as your physician could have put in some help. Despite still being in its infancy, there are already various health centers for coronavirus treatment. These centers have maximum test kits for almost everyone that gets there for a session.

Getting tested will get rid of any confusion you have and allow you to know your exact status. Health departments are working on making testing easier than it already is. Laboratory test is more convenient to access.

Stay safe at home, be healthy

Whether the result is negative or positive, the best way to stay safe is to be at home. If positive, you want to isolate yourself from the rest of the family as much as possible. It is expected that you get each member of the family tested if you are positive. Trust me; you cannot live with seeing other people contact this deadly virus from you.

If you turned out to be negative, you still need to stay healthy. Various countries are already placing their major cities in lockdown. Although it is already a breakout, the goal is to contain this deadly virus as much as possible. You need to play a role in making that successful for the government.

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