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Diabetes: What to know about Diabetes


Diabetes – The overview

Perhaps among the most underrated diseases found itself diabetes. Although it does not get enough hype it deserves when its deadliness is considered, diabetes is among the diseases you want to do without. Verifiable reports estimate this disease to be affecting around 450 million people across the globe.

As complex as diabetes seems to be, all that t requires to prevent it is ensuring that your blood sugar is well controlled. In as much as you do this, you do not need to be scared of the complications that result from diabetes. Just make low-carb diets your ideal one and that is all.


More on Diabetes and the foods that cause it

Diabetes hinders the boy in processing too much of carbohydrates. Since carbohydrates make up a good percentage of a healthy diet, then diabetes can become a source of other serious health issues.

High-carb diets form glucose a common form of sugar in the bloodstream. Such blood sugar ends up in cell membranes with the help of hormone insulin produced by the pancreas. Diabetes patients suffer from both low and high blood sugars. When left uncontrolled, it can bring up severe complications.

There are three types of diabetes namely type 1, type and type 3 diabetes. However, the first two are the most common ones.


How low-carb diets help in diabetes treatment

Low-carb diets have been the standard substance used in treating diabetes right from time. Diabetes patients feel comfortable with thee diets and get used to it overtime.

Several studies have been carried out on both type 1 and type 2 diabetics over the years. The end results showed that the diabetes was well beaten as the patients adhere to low-carb diets for about six months. The blood sugar drops as the diabetics consume carb-restricted diets for a few months.

In the end, studies have established that eating low-carb diets controls the blood sugar level and hence gets rid of diabetes gradually.

What to know about Diabetes
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What are the foods to eat and avoid as a diabetic individual?

As we have hinted above, do away with high-carb diets if you are diabetic. They will only end up raising the blood sugar. Instead, go for high quality whole foods.

Foods to grow habit with

Among the low-carb foods to get used to so as to reduce the blood sugar level are seafood and poultry including eggs. Others are avocados, olive and coconut oils, sour and other creams and butter. Low or non-starchy vegetables are also ideal. Be sure to get as much protein as you can in your food.

Foods to be self-controlled when eating them

While there is no harm in eating the following foods in moderation, consuming significant amount of them will end up raising the blood sugar even more.

  • When eating berries, do not take more than a cup
  • Do not consume more than a cup of yoghurt
  • Let your chocolate have over 80% pure cocoa
  • Liquor should not be more than 50 grams
  • For white or red wine, do not take more than 120 grams
  • Let your foods have salt (unless the diet does not require it)


Foods to completely avoid

Do away with the following foods as they are rich in carbohydrates and hence raise the blood sugar.

  • Milk, ice cream, sweetened tea and soda
  • All fruits (except berries)
  • Beer and juice
  • Breads and baked foods
  • Bread and grains

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