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5 ultimate health benefits of Astaxanthin


5 ultimate health benefits of astaxanthin

When looked at carefully, we can bring hundreds of health benefits of Astaxanthin, a type of carotenoids. However, this article focuses on the leading five health benefits of Astaxanthin.

Living under the sea are millions of species that bring about a variety of health benefits when consumed through diet. Protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil and other popular nutrients are not the only one to have come from the ocean. In fact, there are still millions of them that have not been discovered yet. With time and continued research works, many will still be discovered.

Carotenoids are rich in antioxidants and vitamin-A and they are mostly found in sea creatures. These nutrients are beneficial to cardiovascular and eye health as well as prevent and reduce the risk of development of skin, lung and eye cancers. Nevertheless, there are many more to have come from carotenoids. This article looks at a specific kind of carotenoids called Astaxanthin.


5 ultimate health benefits of Astaxanthin

It all starts with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are among the leading supplements that aid the function of antibodies. There are many benefits that come from this. Antioxidants lower oxidative stress, prevent the skin from sun radiation and as well aids cancer treatments. Astaxanthin and carotenoids together fight the effects of free radicals and other harmful substances.

Cancer treatments

The antioxidant properties of Astaxanthin make it a very good element in treating and preventing cancer. As hinted here, antioxidants prevent the eye retina from getting damaged and hence protect it against cancer. As well, skin and lung cancer-causing substances are gotten rid of. What is more, Astaxanthin has been used I treating breast cancer in the past but its expensive cost has limited the use.

5 ultimate health benefits of Astaxanthin
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Improves heart health

In a study carried out in 2006, a rat suffering from high blood pressure was injected with Astaxanthin, and the blood pressure lowered to a balance level. This result of this study proves the ability of Astaxanthin to clear the blocked arteries and thereby bring about free flow of blood. It has also been established that this can get rid of excessive blood cholesterol and in all, improve the performance and health of the heart.

Improves male fertility

Astaxanthin according to researchers improve sperm parameters such as count, motility and fertility. A 2005 study carried out on 30 men suffering from infertility problems saw the men improved greatly upon receiving a carefully measured dosage of Astaxanthin. There are also claims that ingesting this element through diet improves the sexual performance of male, although that still needs more backing.

A good supplement for exercise

Researchers have made it known that consuming enough Astaxanthin through sea foods provide a great deal of endurance during exercises. It also reduces fatigue levels and increases the body’ application of fatty acids. What is more, Astaxanthin puts off muscle and skeletal damage. To round it off, it acts as skin supplement and it boosts the overall health of the skin.


Bottom line

Although there are still some little controversies around some of these claimed health benefits of Astaxanthin, there is no doubt about the merits of antioxidants and vitamin-A both of which are known to be properties of carotenoids including Astaxanthin. Leverage on these benefits by eating salmon, yeast and shrimp.

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