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Coconut oil: 4 Ultimate benefits of coconut oil


What to know about coconut oil

Perhaps the most controversially criticised food is the coconut oil. While a good side of the global population believes it to be very effective in supplying certain nutrients to the body, saturated fat, one of its nutrient is known to be very unhealthy. In all, a closer look is needed in order to know where to place this food.

Coconut provides reasonably ideal oil that is very good for cooking. While you might not have known this before now, this article will give you a clearer picture of this oil and what makes it healthy for cooking.

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids

While those with negative views on coconut oil criticise its fat content, it is understood that many of these critics are unaware of what actually makes up this oil’s fat. According to verifiable researches, coconut oil fat constitutes fat lauric acid, the very one making up to 45% of the constituents. If you need help, we are providing – lauric acid is known to be very resistant to heat oxidation which makes it the suitable candidate for cooking. What is more, lauric acid increases the level of high-density lipoproteins which in turn reduces the risk of developing heart diseases.

Another kind of fat found in coconut oil is the medium-chain fatty acid. This alone has within it around 5% to 7% of caprylic and capric acids respectively. The only known side effect here is the ketosis which is very unhealthy for epileptic patients.


It improves the level of blood lipids

A random study carried out by experts showed that consumption of coconut oil increases the level of HDL cholesterol in the body. Bottom line is this oil recovers the level of lipids moving around in the blood which then reduces the risk of heart diseases.

4 Ultimate benefits of coconut oil
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It helps in weight management

While marking several other health checks, coconut oil has been verified to guide against weight gain especially as regards to waist circumference and abdominal obesity. When taken regularly especially as cooking oil, coconut oil works in the direction of weight loss. As highlighted earlier, there are many health benefits that come with light body weight.


Historically, coconut aids healthy living

Some of the past civilisations took to coconut as a significant part of their diet. The fact that these past civilisations lived a healthier life than we currently do today says a lot about the benefits that come from what they consume.

The Tokelauans were the most notable eaters of coconut as well as other saturated fat-rich foods. Yet, there are no traces of chronic diseases such as heart diseases despite ingesting such a high degree of saturated fat. Perhaps other foods that they consume brought the balance but a point that cannot be neglected is that they lived an overall healthier life than we do today.


Departing thoughts

While there are still controversies surrounding the health effects of coconut oil, there I no verifiable study to suggest that moderate consumption of it has negative impact in the body. As far as the available studies report, this oil provides a better ground compared to most of the cooking oil being used at home today.

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