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Ginger: 5 ultimate health benefits of ginger


5 ultimate health benefits of ginger

Ginger is encumbered with a variety of nutrients that have priceless health benefits to the body. Many of these benefits are supported by scientists and biological researchers.

Not all the delicious spices on the planet are healthy. Many of them are only intimidating courtesy of their appetizing taste and aroma but do so much damage to the body’s overall health. As yummy as ginger is, it is more beneficial healthily.

Here, we shall look at the health benefits of ginger that are verifiable by various studies and researches.


It all starts with gingerol – a very powerful substance

Ginger originated from China as a flowring plant that belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. It has a working relationship with others such as turmeric and glangal.

Across the globe, the ginger’s rhizome, famously called ginger root is being used as a source of spice to delicacies. This is due to its delicious properties that it can add to foods.

Medically, this plant is used with a variety of other herbal roots to produce alternative medicines. Such medicines are used in treating indigestion, flu, nausea and many other ailments. All these medicinal benefits come from gingerol’s properties and hence is the primary source of many benefits that come from this plant.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that cure Osteoarthritis

Joint and muscle pains are caused by Osteoarthritis, a common health problem for both adult and aging people.

Ginger is been used to produce some sort of relief for people suffering from joints degenerations. A study has revealed that using this Chinese flowering plant with sesame oil, mastic and cinnamon can minimize the pain experienced by people suffering from osteoarthritis.

5 ultimate health benefits of ginger
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It reduces lower blood sugar level and prevents heart diseases

Among the newly discovered health benefits of ginger are its effectiveness in lowering blood sugar level and preventing or curing heart diseases.

As per a study carried out in 2015, over forty diabetics were administered with ginger powder daily for a few weeks. The end result showed a blood sugar level drop by 10%, 23% lessening in oxidized lipoproteins and 28% decrease in ApoB/ApoA-I ratio. All of these known to be risk factors of heart diseases and were well got rid of by using this plant alone.

The study might have been taken using a small number of participants. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of ginger showcased itself in treating heart diseases and it is just a question of when till the information gets to a larger gathering of medicals.

Ginger powder can get rid of menstrual pain

Dysmenorrhea is often experienced by women during their menstrual cycles. It can, however, be more severe in some women than others especially those that are treating ulcer.

The pain relief properties of ginger do not end in osteoarthritis alone. It can provide significant relief from various forms of pain including the one felt during menstrual cycles.

Over 150 women that often feel severe pain during their menstrual cycles were given a gram of ginger powder in a study. The pain reduced unbelievably and hence stabilized the effectiveness of using ginger powder to kill pains.

It has anti-cancer properties

Cancer is among the deadliest diseases worldwide at the moment. It has killed more people than it had eventually forgiven. However, with ginger extract comes a new way of treating a variety of cancer.

The raw contains a large proportion of a substance called 6-gingerol. This substance happens to be an anti-cancer and had been established to be a fierce rival of the said disease.

There are not many forms of cancer that ginger cannot be used to treat. Among the unfortunate ones is the colon cancer. However, common cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and pancreas cancer are treatable with the extract.


Health benefits of ginger: Bottom line

Ginger is among the super-foods out there that do not only provide super deliciousness but bring a variety of health benefits to the body. Be it a fresh one or dried powdered root, the worth is never tarnished.

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