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Healthy long life: 3 crucial factors that can add a decade to your life span


Healthy long life: Let’s talk about the 3 crucial factors that can add a decade to your life span

We all want to live a long life, one that is characterized by an enviable good health. For there is no point in living a decade of a decade when it would only entail pain and agony. However, things aren’t always as perfect as we’d love them to be. Yet we can work around almost everything and that implies that you can actually access that long and healthy life that we all crave for. To do that, you have to comply with some certain lifestyles.

Researchers have suggested that healthy lifestyle habits which include eating good diet, engaging in exercises and ensuring that your body weight is not beyond normal can actually add up to a decade to your life span. While that might seem to be extreme at a first look, you’d dance to the tune on a second, closer look.


3 crucial factors that can add a decade to your life span

There is no point wasting time – the vehicle is here already, so let’s just hit the road. As the title suggests, there are 3 crucial factors that must be adhered to if you want to live a long healthy life. What comes first!?


Living a healthy long life starts with a good diet

If you want to increase your healthy life span, you have to be extremely selective of what you ingest. Not all that looks yummy is actually good for the body. On a closer look, foods that are bad for our health can be very intimidating.

Long healthy life: 3 crucial factors that can add a decade to your life span
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According to Shelley Wood, high fiber-rich foods bring maximum benefits to the body’s health as regards cardiovascular. Foods found in this category include grains, fruits and vegetables. Other foods such as peas and beans (both of which are legumes) reduce risk of developing heart diseases.

In order to have your heart functioning at the proper level, be sure to avoid excessive intake of sugar as well as foods with high saturated fat, sodium and refined carbohydrates.


Then do much of exercises, manage the body weight

To be candid, engaging in physical activities can be overwhelming at times. However, when you look at the big picture, the gain is so worth the pain. It is no news that doing exercises places your overall health; it would do more benefits if you can avoid smoking.

With regular exercises comes a balance weight management. If you can adhere to regular exercises, you are doing yourself a lot of benefits.


Healthy long life: Avoid smoking, heavy alcohol drinking

Researchers have made it known that heavy smokers that take around 10 to 15 cigarettes a day have a lowest chance of living without health complications at age 50. In reality, you’d be amazed to see such an addict been healthy without having a serious disease at his plate at age 45. In all, smoking only reduces your chance of living a healthy long life.

Alcohol is another compound you want to minimize its presence in your body to the lowest amount. While we cannot ask that you completely stay away from it unless your health status demands so, you really want to limit it to a moderate level.


Healthy long life – Departing thoughts

Although the life span of an individual cannot be measured by a certain medical instrument studies have indicated some lifestyles that can either increase or decrease the years that you get to live healthily. When all advices are strictly followed, you may get to live for an extra decade.

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