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Olive Oil: 7 ultimate benefits of olive oil


While it is no news that practicing some dietary can bring about a healthier life, perhaps it is astonishing to find out that taking something as light as olive oil can reduce the potential risk of having cardiovascular diseases alongside others. In fact, new verifiable studies claim that ingestion of olive oil either raw or through other ways have improved the health of human heart over the years.


7 ultimate benefits of Olive Oil

When we think of the overall healthiest diets, Mediterranean diet is known to be the one occupying the front seat. Here, we shall take a look at the top 7 benefits of Olive Oil, one of the well known constituents of Mediterranean diet.


  1. Rich in antioxidants

Olive oil contains a vast amount of antioxidant, the very elements that acts as anticancer and protects the immune system from deadly illnesses. These antioxidants tend to lower the risk of heart diseases as they protect the blood cholesterol from inflammation. In all, these are very essential to the body.

  1. Olive oil contains nutrients that prevent stroke and heart diseases

Untreated blood clotting and bleeding are among the causes of stroke. While stroke is different from heart diseases, it is only second to the latter when the leading cause of death across the globe is considered. Researchers have, however, suggested that monounsaturated fat can only be gotten from olive oil. The best part of this is that this nutrient reduces the risks of stroke and heart diseases.

  1. Olive oil reduces potential risk to diabetes

Olive oil has been linked to various benefits to blood sugar insulin sensitivity all of which help reduce the potential risk to type 2 diabetes. The protective effect of olive oil against this class of diabetes has been brought out by experts.

7 ultimate benefits of olive oil
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  1. Well known for its antibacterial properties

Needless of saying, present in our body are countless bacteria a good part of which can be very harmful to the body. Among the bad guys is Helicobacter pylori, a stomach bacterium that is responsible for ulcer as well as stomach cancer. Olive oil is said to be very efficient in getting rid of this unwanted bacterium and a good consumption of it reduces the risk of developing stomach cancer.

  1. Good for weight management

Olive oil is way different from other diets as regards the presence of modest amount of fat that lead to weight gain. Instead, olive oil is rich in nutrients that help the body maintain the weight.

  1. Olive oil protects the body against Alzheimer’s disease

Among the most widespread neurodegenerative disorders in the world is the Alzheimer’s disease. This disease builds up certain plaques that inhibit the functionality of the brain. Olive oil on the other hand provides certain compounds that do the opposite, making it protects Mediterraneans from Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Helps in Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments

Painful joint is among the illnesses that come with old age especially. Following this illness is an autoimmune disease known as Rheumatoid Arthritis. While its exact cause is not completely known yet, researches have linked it to oxidative stress. When combined with fish oil, olive oil is very efficient in reducing this ailment.


Bottom line

The quality of the nutrients supplied to the body by olive oil seems to be undervalued. It is an inconceivable diet, one that you can add to your roaster. We all want to live a healthy after all, don’t we!?

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