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High blood pressure medications and home remedies


High blood pressure medications

Once you have been diagnosed of having high blood pressure, the next thing you want to do is take some medications. The common medications for high blood pressure treatment are discussed below.

ACE inhibitors: As highlighted in the introductory article, high blood pressure is occurs when the arteries narrow or tighten. This narrowness is caused by a chemical known as angiotensin. To reduce the production of this chemical in the body, ACE inhibitors (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors) is used. This medication, needless to say, prevents the development of angiotensin.

Alpha-2 agonists: Among other causes of blood vessel narrowness is the nerve impulses. Alpha-2 agonists help relax the blood vessels by changing the nerve impulses that seem to tighten them.

Angiotensin ll receptor blockers: ARBs obstruct the angiotensin from reacting with receptors which in result in blood vessels lessening and blood pressure lowering.

Beta blockers: This blocks some hormones that can result in high blood pressure in the body. It as well reduces the workforce on the heart, making it slower in the process of beatings.

Calcium channel blockers: This medication aids the blood vessel to feel relaxed. As well, it blocks the passage of excessive calcium into the heart muscles. As a result of this, the blood pressure is reduced and kept at a normal level.

Diuretics: Also called water pills, Diuretics prevents the composition of too much of sodium that can be detrimental to the kidney. This allows the unwanted fluid get flushed out through urine and leaves the blood pressure in a balance state.


Using home remedies to cure high blood pressure

Studies have brought about various healthy lifestyles that can help prevent and treat high blood pressure without the use of medications. These are known as home remedies. Let us take a look at some of them.

High blood pressure medications and home remedies
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Diet is the key

It all starts with developing not just delicious but healthy diet. Heart-healthy diet as they call them helps keep hypertension under control and reduce the risk of complications such as stroke and heart attack – both of which arise when high blood pressure is left unattended to. In order to achieve this, make it a habit to be consuming much of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein-rich foods such as fish.


Engage in physical activities

Exercises bring so much benefit than we can imagine to the body. When this is done regularly, you do not only get to shed pounds but lower the blood pressure without the need of ingesting medications. Engage in physical activities for at least 30 minutes a day. In the end, you get to reach a healthy weight.


Be sure to manage all that stress

Apart from doing exercises, there are other physical activities that help in managing stress. Among these are a good whole body massage, yoga, meditation and deep breathing.


Leave bad habits, become cleaner

Habits such as indecent consumption of alcohol, smoking and doing drug need to be left if you want to your kidney and heart to be healthy and function properly. Too much alcohol, according to studies, can raise blood pressure.


What is next?

Hypertension is one of the leading health complications that are killing the global population today. However, if managed properly, it can be contained. The next article talks about the effect of high blood pressure and prevention tips.

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