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5 best immune system supplements to boost your body’s strength


Want to boost your immune system? Here are the 5 best immune system supplements

With the world facing complicated deadly diseases one of which is coronavirus, you do not want to have a weakened immune system. Coronavirus is becoming the most widespread outbreak in history is threatening the survival of human with no respect to any race or ethnicity. The best chance of survival is an immune system that is capable of fighting off deadly diseases.

Immune system is made up of complex chemicals and compounds with the sole responsibility of shielding the body against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria that can break you down. The system needs all the help it can get to ensure that your body is perfectly safe at all times.

Several years of studies and researches have made it known that consuming healthy nutrition can provide the immune system with certain nutrients that it needs. Such nutrients include vitamins, minerals and other compounds gotten from herbs such as ginger and many others.


5 best supplements to boost your immune system

Vitamin C

A little is needed to say about the popularity of vitamin C. This happens to be the most consumed supplement and is mostly gotten from citrus fruits. Vitamin C takes a key role in the health of immune system hence, making it an undefeated member of the immune system supplements.

Consuming vitamin C regularly enhances the strength of the immune cells and gives them the ability to perform their duties. It aids in the death of old cells and brings about new ones which in turn keeps the immune system healthy.

That is not all. Vitamin C can kill oxidative stress and reduce the risk of developing respiratory tract infections among others. Despite all these, this supplement needs to be gotten appropriately. Overdosing it can increase severe infections symptoms as seen in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

Vitamin D

White blood cells; monocytes and macrophages are essential for the functionality of your immune system. A regular consumption of vitamin D enhances these cells’ abilities to defend the body against pathogens.

Want to boost your immune system? Here are the 5 best immune system supplements
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Having lower than required amount of vitamin D does not only weaken the immune system but put you in the possibility of developing other health complications. Such infections that come from low vitamin D include asthma and influenza both of which are associated with upper respiratory tract infections.

Apart from its benefits to immune system, consuming adequate amount of vitamin D protects you from developing respiratory infections.


Among the essential nutrients for immune system is zinc. Like vitamin C, zinc aids the development of new immune cells and interaction that exists among them. It is more valuable to those already in sick bed.

When you do not get enough of this nutrient, you are open to the risk of developing chronic infections such as pneumonia. It as well affects the operation of your immune system.

Zinc like the previously mentioned nutrients can be gotten from food supplements. This is necessary as zinc deficiency is recorded to be affecting over two billion people worldwide.

Bottom line, you need to consume adequate amount of zinc, not an overdose. An extreme dosage would only open you to other infections.

Medicinal mushrooms

Perhaps one of the most popular plants to be used to treat various infectious diseases from the ancient times is the medicinal mushrooms. These mushrooms in particular are well known for their immune boosting properties.

Reishi, cordyceps, maitake and over 260 others have immune boosting potentials and are being ingested in various forms to make the immune system healthy. Medicinal mushrooms again showed in researches that consuming them can reduce the risk of developing lung infections and some others.

With their antibacterial and immune boosting effects, medicinal mushrooms are needed to be consumed either through diets or supplements.

And there is Black Elderberry

Sambucus nigra has been discovered to have a variety of immune boosting potentials. Taking black elderberry regularly can bring about a stronger immune system and reduce upper respiratory infections symptoms.

The bottom line

Vitamins C and D, zinc, medicinal mushroom and elderberry all provide priceless benefits to the immune system. These supplements need to be consumed adequately. Despite their importance, they are not to be overdosed or you risk developing more severe infections. If you want your immune system to perform well, be sure to consume them either through diets or supplements.

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