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Immune system boosting foods: The 7 best immune system boosters for you


Immune system boosting foods: The 7 best immune system boosters for you

Immune system has a great responsibility in keeping us healthy at all times. It is hence, expected of us to ensure that we live a lifestyle that enhances this system. To put it simple, be sure to consume immune system boosting foods regularly.

There are certain foods that benefit the immune system and supply the supplements or nutrients needed to enhance its functionality. Such foods known as immune system boosters also prevent us from flu and winter colds. So you do not want to miss them for anything.

7 best immune system boosting foods

Citrus fruits

There are not many nutrients that is as essential as vitamin C, the leading nutrient gotten from citrus fruits. You can easily see this fruit being administered to patients in the hospitals. This is all due to its selfless attitudes toward the health of our immune systems.

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C; citrus fruits are oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and tangerines.


Ginger has become the source of aroma and delicious tastes found in most home delicacies nowadays. It originated from China and has been since found to have various health benefits.

Apart from enhancing immune system, ginger is also useful in treating inflammatory illnesses and nausea. Its cholesterol-lowering potentials, usefulness in chronic pain reduction and many others are the reasons why many homes have made it a must-used ingredient in cooking.

5 ultimate health benefits of ginger
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Red bell peppers

Incredibly, not many people are aware of the amount of vitamin C possessed by red bell peppers. In fact, these peppers contain twice of the vitamin C found in citrus fruits, although they don’t get the hype. This nutrient also helps in making your skin healthy apart from enhancing the immune system.


Another important one among the immune system boosting foods is the plain yogurt. Plain yogurts might not be delicious as sweetened ones; they have what it takes to be called immune system boosters.

Yogurt is an established origin of vitamin D, one of the known immune system supplements. Hence, taking is tells you that you do not only get healthy skin but get your immune system at the healthiest level.

Many of us are used to having sweetened yogurt instead. That is not an issue as you can still get your Greek yogurt sweetened by mixing some sweet but healthy fruits or honey.


Garlic is hyped but not over-hyped when its health benefits are considered. In fact, it has become a must-have element in foods, unless you are not considering eating healthy diets.

Garlic has been researched to be effective in treating high blood pressure. This is achieved as it tends to soften the hardened or narrowed arteries which result in the heart’s inability to work perfectly. The arteries are widened and softened and the blood gets to flow very well.

There is a presence of compounds that are heavily rich in sulfur in garlic. This places it among the immune system boosting foods and as evidenced by verifiable studies.

Green tea

Green tea is rich in epigallocatechin gallate as much as it is in flavonoids. Both are different kinds of antioxidants and hence have their way being called immune system boosters. However, that is not all.

L-theanine is a kind of amino acid that aids the production of T-cells. These cells defend us from infections caused by germs. Since L-theanine is heavily possessed by green tea, that gives it a good seat among the immune system boosting foods.


There is no offence in bringing this at the last position on the list. However, its priceless health benefits especially as regards immune system boosting cannot be rivaled.

Broccoli is rich in the three leading kinds of vitamins – vitamins A, C and E. These are known to be very essential in our daily diets. Yet this food goes on to give us other nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber. You do not want to try to put this food aside. Its immune system enhancing properties are way beyond what you could have expected.


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