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How to enhance your relationship and love life


How to enhance your relationship and love life

While sex is not the primary objective of all relationships, in all honesty, it is the core of a blissful and romantic one. I am no sex addict, yet I know what a good sex feels like. If an easy-going dude like me could be acquainted with that, don’t fight it – you know a lot better than I do.

You wonder why spouses that make love regularly seem to be more intimate than the opposite. It is so because there are many things attached to sexual intercourse beyond what happens on bed – digging and riding.

Sex without a doubt is very important to every relationship, unless you are in no need of a happy one. It creates bonds that seem to be unbreakable. When you are in the right relationship, you do not want to have sex with someone else. It kind of becomes irritating with someone else.

The idea of “all he wants is sex” should be gotten rid of. You would be surprised there are women out there looking for men that can actually get them satisfied. Oh, well not financially as they are quit okay themselves but sexually.

When your man is not being satisfied enough sexually, then the following signs begin to emerge.

He stops asking for it

Men in most cases demand for sex more often than women. To put is simple, men are primary instigators of sex. If naturally, that is not the case in your relationship, there are some factors that can cause that.

However, if he used to initiate sexual intercourse but stopped suddenly, trust me some other women are giving him the more outside. Unless he is having issues at work or he is financially unstable.

How to enhance your relationship and love life
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Gives excuses every time you initiate it

To stop being a sex initiator is one thing, to turn you down anytime you try to make the move is a bigger sign that trouble is looming. Men are naturally always ready to give a go.

No doubt there would always be the time that he is tired perhaps due to the intensity his work demands. That is not in any way supposed to be quite often. When he is always pulling back with some baseless excuses, better start to figure out how to make it right. Truth is the relationship is already on the wrong seat.

Stops caring about your satisfaction

Okay there is that hormone that causes some kind of tiredness once a man releases his load. Depending on his strength, he might need to pull back a little for a while before the young dude in the pant becomes hardened again.

Nevertheless, if it was not his way to take things easy after a round before, then know that something is not right. Perhaps he stops caring about whether you are satisfied or not. That is he is only concerned about his sexual satisfaction.

Shall we completely truthful here? That sudden pull back is most likely to be him getting back at you for not satisfying him when he was dying for it. No one is talking about the food you prepare for him in the kitchen here. Obviously there are different kinds of foods that your spouse needs and sex is never at the bottom of the list.

Getting used to stopping at first round

Ideally it was not his way of doing things when you two first started. Now it has gotten to the point where he settles for just a round regardless of your satisfaction status. Trust me or don’t, there is a bigger problem than it seems to be.

Definitely there are times that sex isn’t that great. So if he does this sometimes and not always, cut him some slack in the mean time. But he does this every now and then? You do not need me to spell it out, do you!

All that sexual touches outside the bedroom stop

To be blunt, sex seems to be even sweeter outside the bedroom. A quickie at the kitchen, some random bend-over at the corridor, a sexy massage that intends to put you in cloud 9, all those touches and winks put enthusiastic spark into your love life.

I will not lie about this; there are still some guys out there that are only averagely romantic (to save them some face). If your spouse is one of them, then you just need to work it with him. Let him realize the importance of those sexy lifestyles. He is no stone; he’d hop in within a short time.

Nonetheless, if your man was no romance amateur naturally but seems to be pulling back lately, some girls out there are giving him the sex of his life. Unless again he is having some trouble at work or he is being disturbed financially. Of course you can’t be hungry and be horny. You do not give a good digging with an empty stomach!

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