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The right nutrition practice after each workout

The right nutrition practice after each workout


The right nutrition after workout

As we have previously explained, exercises are very beneficial to our well being. However, while it is easy to engage in physical activities such as pushups, weight lifting, etc, it might take you some extra reading to understand the kind of diet that can aid your well being as you engage in one exercise or the other.

Just as it is with the pre-exercise diet, we have to be careful with what we ingest after workout in order to get the expected results at the right time. Here is a detailed article on the right nutrition after each workout. Enjoy.

The Right Nutrition After Workout: Eat enough protein, it builds and repairs muscle

As much as exercises help in muscle and bone building, it activates the breakdown of the former. This tends to be in a high degree when you are consistent with exercises and perform body-building activities such as lifting of heavy metals.

In order to minimize this limitation, you have to be consuming adequate amount of protein following your daily workout. When this is done, the required building block for muscles such as amino acid is supplied to the body system. According to verifiable studies, you get to recover from exercises’ setbacks by ingesting between 20 and 40 grams of protein follwoing the workout.

The right nutrition practice after each workout
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The Right Nutrition After Workout: Consume as much carbs so as to restock glycogen

In case you care to know, the fuel powering you during exercises come from your body’s glycogen. As far as health is concerned, this fuel needs to be refilled after it was used during the exercises. There is no better nutrition to give you enough of this than carbs.

Endurance and resistance are two different elements that are used when you engage in physical activities. The former consumes much of your glycogen store compared to the latter. While a bodybuilder seems to use more energy as he lifts heavy metals, an individual that engages in sports such as swimming and running requires more endurance and hence, needs to consume more carbs in order to have a balance health status.

Eat as much of these carbs jut as you do with protein, for together, they maximize the protein and glycogen synthesis. If you can, consume as much as 50 to 60 grams of carbs after exercises depending on the amount of protein that you ingest. The best practice is 1:2.5 with 20 grams of protein getting at least 50 grams of carbs. However, if your level of workout is irregular, that is you only do it like three times a week, this is not necessary.


The Right Nutrition After Workout: You burn fat during exercises, right? Well eat some after each workout

Of the three nutrition practices mentioned, this might come as a surprise. Many engage in physical activities due to the presence of too much fat in their body system and need to get rid of as many as they can. Well, truth is fat hold back the assimilation of your post-workout meals; it does not in any way inhibit their benefits.

Various studies show that ingesting fat after workout brings a lot of benefits and does not hinder the overall body health. In fact, whole milk does more of bringing the muscle glycogen synthesis in the right order than skim milk.


Final thoughts

Ensure to eat food that give you enough of the three nutrients; protein, carbs and fat after each workout so as to have a balance healthy body system. Such foods that give enough protein include but not limited to eggs, chicken, fish, tuna, yogurt and salmon. For carbs, ingest much of rice, oatmeal, potatoes, chocolate milk, pasta and quinoa. Nut butters and avocado provide enough fat for the body.

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