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Here’s How You Can Be Healthier Even If You Don’t Have Time


It is no surprise that working can be stressful, and most of the time, many employees find ways to cope with it. Imagine someone who is into a busy day at work, with tons of paperwork to deal with, reports to continue, e-mails to reply, and all other unfinished tasks that need to be finished by day’ end. In such a difficult situation, what would that someone do as he or she does all of them?

To relieve that feeling of uneasiness, they often resort to stress eating, also known formally as emotional eating. Indeed, the emotional high that stress brings in such an instance can result in workers getting to eat mindlessly, obviously with no regard to the amount of calories they’re taking into their system. This is why a lot of workers who are too focused with their work don’t just end up stress eating; they also tend to gain weight by doing so.

Indeed, not being in the best shape physically can be troublesome. In a hectic environment of the workplace, trying to maintain an ideal weight could be a challenge. You may not have the time to hit the gym and use exercise equipment like treadmill, weight bench, and bikes. If stress eating adds up one’s weight, the fact that many workers are unable to live an active lifestyle makes the situation even worse. Not only are they susceptible to weight gain, but also put themselves closer to illnesses that could jeopardize their ability to perform work. Truly, too much work could have negative repercussions on one’s health.

Fortunately, there are many ways on how to get in shape despite having a busy and stressful work schedule. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Stress eating can be avoided; it just goes down to picking the right food choices. Because stress eating often involves eating something sweet, one may go for fruits instead of doughnuts or other related food items.
  • When eating, use the left hand to hold the food (if right-handed) and vice versa. Making use of a non-dominant hand is said to keep the person more aware of the food he or she eats. Indeed, mindfulness towards the food intake is an important part of eating healthy. This goes specifically important if you have previously undergone an invisalign procedure.
  • The hormone cortisol spikes up whenever a person feels stressed. To lower it (and to avoid the occurrence of stress eating), drinking black tea would help. Stopping everything for just a short while (i.e. standing up and stretching, breathing deeply) can also help decrease the cortisol spike.
  • Being busy at work does not mean one cannot anymore become active. Walking and talking with a colleague can boost one’s ability to shed calories. Standing up while having a conversation with someone on the other line also does the same. Essentially, being active at work by just roaming around in the workplace at certain times of the day is enough to burn fat, which helps in weight loss.
  • Investing in affordable yet effective home gym equipment can be done. You don’t have to pay for ridiculously expensive gym membership. By having fitness equipment like a weight bench, exercise bike, treadmill, or dumbbells, you will not find an excuse not to do your work-out routines. You don’t have to drive your way to your gym, which can be quite stressful at times, if you have your own equipment at your home. At the end of the day, having your own fitness equipment is economical and ideal.

Keeping in shape while doing work may be hard given the busy schedule of many workers, but with sheer will and determination, bad eating habits can be curbed. Aside from eating healthy, being active at work is as good as exercise, having your teeth checked for invisalign, and being happy are very important, too.

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