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Keep Your Body Beautiful and Healthy


Beauty is the term used to specify the attraction. There are several materials available in the market to take care of beauty. The most common materials used for beauty care is cosmetics. We should take care of our lips, hair, skin, nail, foot and body for beauty.

Lip is the most beautiful part of face.So Care the lips from the harsh weather conditions. Eat plenty of green fruits and vegetables with vitamin rich foods. Also drink more cups of water. Always keep the lip moisturized.You can use any lip balm to look beautiful and attractive.Thus make the lip healthy.Hair should be cleaned properly.Also clear the dandruff in the hairs.You can use any shampoo or oils to clean the hair.Also use any bristle brush to clean the roots of the hair and massage the hair.After shampooing the hair,creaming the hair is done.Skin should be cared well from external environment. Skin is the outermost part of body.So there is an increased chance of affecting diseases.properly clean the skin to avoid the dirt and dust in the body.there are two types of skins,dry skin and oil skin.People should take control on food according to the type of skin.People having oil skin should avoid fatty and protein rich food such as egg.

Nail is also a part of body,which is a perfect example for showing beauty.So properly clean the nail to remove the dirt.Otherwise the dirt will enter the stomach through food.Clean the hands before and after eating using hot water.To keep the nail healthy,you should take mineral and vitamin rich food.Calcium is important for healthy nail.So you can eat lot of carrots ,which is rich in calcium.Then finally the foot ,which helps the body to walk is also an important part of body that shows the beauty.We can use footwear to protect the foot.The foot wear will reduce the chance of affecting injury.Also the foot wear helps the foot from forming cracks.Regular exercise of foot is also done to keep the foot healthy.It also helps the smooth circulation of blood.The exercise is done by Circling the feet for ten times in each direction.

Hair is an important part of the human body, which prevents the body from external conditions such as harsh weather and other environmental treatments. So hair should be cared for well. First and foremost the hair should be cleaned well regularly. At least clean the head two times a day. The cleaning process should become a part of everyone’s daily routine. Hair is also playing an important role in keeping the body temperature. It produces sweat during high temperature to keep the body cool and shivering during low temperature. So care for the hair.

Dandruffs are the major problems faced by the hairs. The main reason for forming dandruff on the hair is dust. The source of dust may be anything such as atmospheric or surrounding dust. So clear the dandruffs in the hairs. You can use any shampoo or hair oils to clean the hair. Up to some extent shampoo can clear the dust. Otherwise use any bristle brush to clean the roots of the hair. After cleaning, massaging the hair should be done. If the dandruffs are not removed by any shampoo or other oils, you can contact any doctor for prescription.

Some people are suffering from hair loss. So those people who are suffering from these kind of problem should take control on their food which results in more hair loss. People living near the mobile towers are also suffering these kind of problems because of the rays coming from these towers. So try to keep away from these towers. Those who are suffering from hair problems such as Dandruff, Baldness should take care on their hair ,otherwise it may leads to severe problems.They should definitely take advices and tips from any skin specialist doctors or any Ayurvedic specialist doctors. Nowadays these problems had also solutions in Ayurveda.

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